Original Productions


Deepest Love EPWe love R&B ballads! Angel of Mine was originally released by Eternal in 1997 and covered by Monica one year later. The original written by Rhett Lawrence and Travon Potts and produced by Rhett Lawrence.

The cover of ‘Angel of Mine’ by Max & Sebh has a smooth acoustic feeling combining elements of Deep House and Future House. The cover will be included on the upcoming EP called ‘The Deepest Love’ that will see the light in 2016.


Promised Land was produced by Joe Smooth, a DJ from the underground Chicago house-music scene, who became internationally renowned during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

‘Promised Land’ was released featuring Anthony Thomas and spoke about people getting together to stand against violence.

The Max & Sebh’s version of ‘Promised Land’ respects the chords of the original track. That new version has classical music influences. The new strings and cellos are mixed with a prominent synth-bass, making that version highly danceable.


DeepInVogueCover2015_04bThe ‘Deep in Vogue’ original song is the representative of the ‘Underground New York Voguing Scene’ which happened in the NYC clubs during the late 80’s. The original dance single was written by Malcolm McLaren featuring the Bootzilla Orchestra, Willi Ninja and Lourdes. That song pre-dated the very famous song ‘Vogue’ by Madonna.

Max & Sebh cover the ‘Deep in Vogue’ song in two different versions: the ‘Piano in Vogue Mix’ released in 2015 which has more classic house sounds, including close-voiced piano chords; and the ‘Electro Fashion Mix’ released in 2014 that combines tribal drums and electro house samples.