Voyage Voyage (Desireless cover)

Listen and dance the Max & SebH cover of “Voyage Voyage” in the link below! The original song by the French singer Desireless was released from her debut album in the late 80s, becoming a hit that was danced at the discos across Europe. We wanted to keep the original essence of that beautiful song in our cover, so SebH decided to record the vocals in French.

#desireless #voyagevoyage #maxandsebh


Fusing digital art & music to create ‘I Don’t Want You’ lyric video

The lyrics video of ‘I Don’t Want You (Organic Mix)’ was created by using free abstract artworks. A total of 260 digital pictures were selected based on the emotional feelings transmitted to the video creators, Max & Sebh. A selection of texture and color combinations taken from digital artists and house music that will make you dance your ass off!

New single ‘I Don’t Want You’ by Bylli Crayone produced by Max & Sebh out on January 8th!


We are so honored to produce the next dance single ‘I Don’t Want You‘ written by Bylli Crayone! This is the second single from the upcoming new dance album ‘GREEN’ produced for Bylli.